About us

"For more than 40 years, my efforts as a practical dentist and lecturer of better dentistry, especially the theory of function, have been recognized. Knowledge and experience must be passed on to colleagues and the next generations. Therefore, in 1999, when I was over 65 years old, I decided to start a new project again: a private training and research institute together with a new company building - the "Center of Dental Education" - a professional meeting place according to my convictions - with ideal conditions to combine teaching and research with scientific lectures and practical hands-on courses - and all of this at the highest level.
Internationale Persönlichkeiten der Dentalbrache feierten 2001 mit uns die Einweihung.


In 2012, my son Florian took over the management of the company and now also manages the fortunes of SAM Präzisionstechnik.